I cut my binding strips 3″ wide, and I’m glad I did, as this is a little more bulky than a normal quilt (if you are really good at binding, 2 1/2″ will probably work for you). Thank you! Cx, is this kinda like stitching in the ditch? You’ll notice in the first picture below that the default setting of this stitch has the zags to the left. I will continue to use this method–thanks again! I'm going to try your way now. The fact that the stitches don’t always line up on the back is a problem to me. On a large quilt, this method can take quite a lot of time. It took me ages to realize that all the book authors, quilt pattern designers, quilt tutorials etc simply ignored “the gap”.  Definitely worthy of being given as a baby gift. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to put that final detail on your quilt, giving it a more defined and professional appearance along the way. The steps to quilt binding by machine: 1. I keep coming back to this tutorial, thank you again for the time for taking the pictures and explaining it. Trim one of the binding tails to the halfway mark on your quilt. I want the zags to go to the right. OR you can attach the strips with a diagonal seam. Thanks! It's not perfect but I know I'll get better with each project. I was just thinking about to trying a machine binding cause it can be done quickly by me as well. I have a question though–how far over are you supposed to fold the binding to the back? I've always sewn the back on by hand. Thanks for sharing. This is my preferred tutorial! I think I'll have to give it a go on some smaller items first so that I'm ready for the next quilt! Thank goodness – I’m not the only one in the Universe who doesn’t like the empty binding! It doesn’t really matter and I tend to use whichever one happens to be on the Dual Feed Foot. Having stitched the binding […], […] machine bound it (tutorial here) with my go-to coral/pink Rose Bella Solid. To join my binding ends, I use the binding tool and that has worked pretty well for me. :). There is another great machine binding tutorial by Cluck Cluck Sew. The binding is one part of the quilt that people almost always handle and I want that binding to look and feel nice. Sewing the binding to the BACK of the quilt. I don’t hand stitch unless it’s something where I HAVE […], […] corner hang tabs on the back of my Growing Tree Grove using THIS method, and bound the quilt using THIS great tutorial by Cluck Cluck […], […] – unfortunately it’s really hard to see the quilting on the fray background! The only part I didn't quite follow, and it's because I am a complete beginner, is the part where the two ends of the binding strip is joined together. Then re-fold them and sew the binding strip down. Ha! Yes! Reluctantly, I had to learn how to sew bindings this way because at work we often have very tight deadlines to get quilts ready and there’s no time for hand stitching. This kind of pillow is called an envelope pillow, because you basically create an envelope that goes around the pillow insert. Create the Binding and Stitch it to the Quilt. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I have always wanted to learn how to do this. But it’s also a practical choice. ;). Probably because I’m not happy with the results. But if I want quilts DONE then I machine stitch to the back and flip and stitch…. Here is another great tutorial that shows sewing the binding strips together that way: http://www.canoeridgecreations.com/2013/02/double-fold-binding-tutorial-part-one.html She has great pictures of that part! Thank you for this tutorial, I'm going to be binding my first quilt ever! Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but I always check out the binding to see how it was sewn on! Thank you I have a BIG problems with Binding . THANKS! Remove the quilt from the sewing machine and lay the unsewn section of binding along the edge of the quilt to check that it lays properly along the edge and is the correct length needed to finish the quilt. the binding will look like this on the front/back. Â. Fold the binding strip in half – wrong sides are inside, the right sides facing out. It's really helpful to beginners like me. (If that makes any sense.). Lay your fabric strips right sides together as shown, sew a diagonal seam from corner to corner, trim the corner, and repeat until all of the binding strips are sewn together into one long strip.  Then press that whole long strip in half, wrong sides together. Thanks again for your great tutorial. I like to use 2½” binding strips which have been joined on the diagonal and folded in half with wrong sides together. Making the mitered corner and holding the layers in place with the quilter’s awl. I make the time since I love the process and the finished look! Doesn’t that binding look nice on the quilt front? I haven’t quilted in about 5 years, but this is exactly the tutorial I used to bind. I can't exactly tell what you did there after pinning the two ends together at the creases. Here is an example from Cluck Cluck Sew. If you don’t stay to the left of the seam line when your sewing the binding down on the back, this is what happens…you’ll get some stitches in your binding.Â, It’s a very easy and fast method to sewing bindings, and it looks way better than sewing the binding down on the front of the quilt with a visible seam line in the binding.Â. Thank you for this tutorial. For binding, I love CluckCluckSew’s machine binding tutorial. Most of the others I had found for machine application involved attaching the binding from the back and doing final sewing from the front. What would you do? Why does this happen? I think I'd like to use this method. Thank you soooo much :). It is possible to deliberately use the mismatch to create an intentionally visible stitch line on the fabric (whether from the first or the second step) by using a consistent intentional gap and a thread colour that will either “disappear” into the finished project or act as a framing accent. And I’ve lived by that philosophy for years. Beautiful work! I tend to sew on the front binding more than not. Finishing the Binding by Machine. Thanks for such a useful tutorial!http://www.infanta.blog.pt. A quick google threw up this tutorial from cluckclucksew. Had to rip it out but didn't want to rip the seams from attaching the binding to the quilt. now I know why you had two rows of stitching…. You can see in the second photo the changes I made from the default settings. :). To make straight-grain binding (pictured above), the binding strips are cut from selvage to selvage, sewn together into one long strip and pressed in half. I used it on my 4th hourglass quilt using your tutorial. Thank you for the tutorial! I have been machine sewing my binding to the back, then attaching to the front with very mixed results. I start out by prepping my binding. I combined this with another tutorial to complete my first binding today! When I sew the binding on the front of the quilt, I use invisible thread on the top and use thread that matches the binding in the bobbin. God bless u and ur talent. I love ALL of your tutorials and thi is another great one!! This is what your quilt will look like now: Now turn the quilt over and we’re going to stitch the binding down onto the BACK of the quilt. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I do love a handsewn binding though; somehow it gives me time to say goodbye to the process of making the quilt and embrace the finished item! Starch your strip and press wrong sides together, seams pressed open (5:40); Zig Zag outer edge of quilt to flatten all those layers and prep for sewing the binding on. It looks great. Thanks for the tips. Much bigger than any quilt I have made to date. Elaine. Using the red guidelines on the Straight Stitch Foot at the corner. I was wondering what of foot were you using. I made a quilt for my daughter and I wish I had known about this method before I put the binding on it! How do you decide on thread color – do you match it to the color you used for the machine quilting? This is a great tutorial! All you can see is a nice straight line of stitches in the quilt, and it blends in nicely with the quilting. I must say that I enjoy binding more and appreciate your wonderful, excellent and precise instructions! Same material, same batting, etc. Use a 1/4-inch seam and stitch the binding to the quilt. Now I feel a little better. Thank you for the tutorial. […], […] favorite binding tutorial is HERE, from Alison of Cluck Cluck […], […] Once I had the front piece quilted, I made the back panel of the pillow. […]. Did not like the look of that. Cool! This will leave a line of stitching on the backing. Any suggestions? I don’t understand how it goes from that to the next picture where it’s completely finished. Thank you! Sorry for such a long post. Leave a … But have a look at the quilt back. There are two different ways to stitch the binding on a quilt. The biggest beef I have about binding is that most people stitch their binding to the quilt top with a quarter inch seam. Then, on the binding on the back, my lines turned out wonky and there was too much space between my seam and the edge of the binding. Good luck! It worked perfect on an 8×8 mug rug. I’m still perfecting this technique but I’ll share with you what I have discovered so far. I am certainly going to try this on my next quilt, stitching the binding down by hand is a tedious job, thanks for the tutorial. Very nice tutorial. I am not going to give directions for machine binding, as there are so many out there, my favorite is Allison’s at Cluck Cluck Sew. […], […] quilted this one myself, and bound it with my machine binding technique you can find here. If I don’t, I won’t be able to see where to stitch. :0). And I use the changeable dual feed 1/4″ guide food to sew on the binding. - It's Always Autumn, Quick & Easy Table Runner Tutorial | Bobbin's Lullaby, Welded Quilt: AGF Stitched {& Giveaway} | Night Quilter, A Teacosy – A Learning Curve | makingshyeni, Wildflower Meadow Raw Edge Circle Quilt | Fat Fanny Fern, How to Create Evergreen Posts for Your Craft Blog - whileshenaps.com, The Growing Tree Wall Hanging Tutorial | Night Quilter, 52 craft projects // walk with me quilt – Frogged Designs, 52 craft projects // you’ve got mail – Frogged Designs, Tutorials to make Quilting Easier! Very much appreciated. I am finding that my hand stitched binding is coming apart in one of my well worn quilts. ⠀ Thank you so much for sharing you really made my day..working binding on my second baby quilt and your pictures and directions helped me so much.. God Bless and keep posting I need all the help I can get :). I really wanted to do it all by machine (it will get a lot of wear) and found yours. Now that we’ve quilted our first quilt top, it is ready to bind and use! As far as the quilt I don’t like, I may just keep to remind myself that I can improve. I used to attach them back-to-front but too often the part I pulled over would be more than 1/4″ and thus would obscure edges/points on outer blocks. Our goal is also to keep viewers abreast of new quilting products, and how to use them effectively to make quilting easier and enjoyable. I've always wondered how to do this to make it look as good as hand sewing the binding to the back!  I cut my binding strips 3″ wide, and I’m glad I did, as this is a little more bulky than a normal quilt (if you are really good at binding, 2 1/2″ will probably work for you).  Stitched in Color had a very similar machine binding except with a zig-zag […], […] For your binding you’ll need 25.5cm / 10″ of fabric.  Cut this into four strips each 2.5″ tall.  I like to machine sew my binding on by sewing it to the back of the quilt first and then flipping it to the front and edge-stitching it down.  This is a really great tutorial for how to machine sew binding.  I used this great tutorial from Cluck, Cluck, Sew, and for my first time, it came out pretty well! Thank you. i must confess also, i sometimes round the corners of the quilt and sew it that way, without mitered corners … shhhh .. don’t tell! I have a question about your "stay-stitching" around the edge of the quilt before binding. Leave about a 6-inch tail. The binding and the backing need to be the same fabric. Thanks! It takes some practice to not get any stitches in the binding…but by now I’ve got it down pat! Thank you! The first is the traditional way of machine stitching the binding to the front of the quilt and then hand stitching the binding on the back. The steps to quilt binding by machine: 1. While I’m not a fan of a white binding on a quilt, the quilt binding and the light colored back concealed any errant stitches! I have used the technique where you are supposed to stitch over the top of the binding on the front and it is so hard to do! I don't have the patience for hand binding and this method leaves a much cleaner look. I’ve have learned this the hard way. This method is definitely the best, I've been doing binding this way for nearly 50 years! Yours was so easy to understand. Give your next quilt project a clean and polished look with this tutorial on How to Machine Bind a Quilt! Rita over at Red Pepper Quilts also has a great tutorial you can find […], […] das geht, kannst du dir auch bei CluckCluckSew […], […] 2¼” strips but this time I wanted to try sewing the binding entirely by machine following Allison Harris’ tutorial . I followed her instructions, cutting and joining 2½” strips. Sometimes I make it wider to get a larger border. Ah, thank you for this tutorial! I just completed binding for the first time. I sewed along the edge of the entire thing, making sure to pay special attention to the overlapping back pieces so that the fabric didn’t get folded weirdly. Your tutorial was really helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Thank you for taking the time to show us how. When I first started to quilt many years ago, the owner of the store that I worked at, told me that a quilt wasn’t finished until that binding was hand stitched down. I have always placed the binding on the firing and hand stitched the binding on the back. Does the quilt fill the binding and still cover the seam that was used to do the first line of stitching? QUILTsocial was created for all quilters, beginners and experts alike, to empower them with the skills, techniques, and creativity required to make quilts that will be cherished forever. It has a walking foot and I can't wait to try this binding method !Love the colors in this quilt too. The quilt back – sometimes you hit the line and sometimes you don’t. Preparing a Quilt for Binding by Machine. Yours is much more thorough, so I won't even bother sharing mine! Thank you so much for sharing. It’s important to use the Dual Feed Foot for this process as we do not want that binding to stretch. I had no choice but to stitch the binding down with the sewing machine. this is awesome! Even the store owner that told me that the quilt wasn’t finished until the binding was hand stitched down, is sewing her bindings on by machine. Great tutorial! Attach Binding to Quilt Back. It took me forever to find this again through Google. Genius. You can also machine or hand baste the quilt’s edge just inside the 1/4-inch seam before adding the binding. I will try this method next. Having the mitred corners pre-made makes this a breeze. I’m going to turn the quilt so the quilt top is face up and I’ll pull that binding to the front and very carefully stitch it in place. I do all my quilts this way, so by now I’ve become fairly quick at it.  I still love a hand-stitched binding, but I’m more confident that my machine bound quilts can withstand lots of washings and use from my family.  I always machine bind baby quilts…because we all know that baby quilts get washed all.the.time. I’ve got a great project lined up for tomorrow so be sure to come back and see what it is! You can see the long pointy thing in the picture below. I am new to quilting and starting on my first one. Then you decide if you want to do this for your quilts. Both methods work great and I love both though! Thank you for the binding tutorial. The right-hand side of the foot runs along the outer edge of the quilt sandwich and the binding edge runs along the blade – 1/2″ seam from quilt edge, binding edge is 1/4″ from quilt sandwich edge, binding has 1/4″ seam. Many thanks from Phyllis in Scotland. There are also guides on the Changeable Straight Stitch Foot that help me know where to stop at the corner. This is always a very exciting step, because it means you are so close to finishing your project. :) http://www.sewmccool.com/chinese-year-of-the-horse-hot-pad/, VERY helpful, well done pics. I mean I’m guessing you have one side of each V pinned together where the crease marks are, but I don’t get how they’re sewn together from that. This was grams, an ounce of prevention. Seems much easier to keep the stitching off the binding on the front than to try to keep the stitching on the binding on the back. In this case, its essential to bind your quilt to cover the raw edges and give your quilt some stability on those edges. I took a class on binding the past weekend to help with this first quilt and it was not all that helpful. TIP Sew about 8 – 10″ of the binding and remove it from the sewing machine. I will do my own video tutorial on this in the future but in the meantime Cluck Cluck Sew has written about it on her blog (that’s where I learned it from) and Amanda from A Crafty Fox has done a video tutorial on it as […], […] I machine bound it with the method in this tutorial.  […], […] finished quilting, trim the edges to make everything even and then bind it. I really need to bind a quilt for my brother. I try to always take the time to have a scrap square to test any stitches I may use. Sewing the binding has been my arch enemy for so long… I am definitely going to try this on my next quilt! I cut my bindings 2 1/2 in. Once I’m even closer to the corner, I position the next side of the binding to create the mitered corner and hold it in place using the quilter’s awl. I don’t think I’m folding them over tighter than usual. It doesn’t matter what color you use on top. :)). The tails don't appear to be tucked under and sewn down, after being trimmed. Thank you! I did three the weekend before Xmas and used a zigzag stitch–UGLY (IMO; the family didn't mind a bit, though). The binding finishes about 1/2" wide on the front. I just finished my quilt and am quite pleased with it. Can’t wait to see the results! Thank you so much for sharing your method. And now it’s crucial that I use the Changeable Zigzag Foot on the Dual Feed Foot. thanks!! © 2015 Cluck Cluck Sew | All Rights Reserved. Got all excited when I saw the pins you use. That has GOT to be faster than hand sewing, I will have to try it. Thanks. While the operator still has a bit of a learning curve, the features of the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 960Q and the Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot made this nasty (for me) job easy to do. : ) Love it! I’m finishing up a baby quilt now. It seems like it helps you control the backing looking smoother if you stitch it from the back – Awesome step by step pics – thanks so much!!! I’ve even been known to hand stitch bindings in meetings at work, but I work for a fabric company, so that’s OK. Much appreciated!!! I need to bind a quilt & was thinking about trying a machine binding cause I want it done quick! Thank you so much for this tutorial! It appears that people don’t have time to do the hand stitching anymore.   Thank you to the folks at Cluck, Cluck Sew! This tutorial is so helpful! New to quilting and found this a great help. […], […] Now it is time to bind the quilt! It looks much cleaner than a lot of machine binding and the seam blends with the quilting. Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial! I must really suck at binding. Here’s what I propose to help solve the issue. In this method to machine bind a quilt you will join the ends of your binding for a seamless finish. Thanks so much! Thanks again. That is so simple. Preparing a Quilt for Binding by Machine… How to Finish and Bind a Quilt - Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog April 30, 2015 at 12:12 pm […] by machine can be efficient and look equally clean and tidy. Love how colorful the quilt is that you used in your tute! 3. I have saved it and I look at it each time to review before I do my binding. Can you explainthe advantage of stay-stitching? I just want to say thank you for having this! I’m going to try on in reverse as you’ve done here. – Patterns to Print, How to Sew a simple Baby Blanket with Minky | The Willow Market, Around the Town Play Mat featuring Wheels 2 » Deena Rutter, Vintage Quilt Repair With No Stress | Tales from Upswing Vintage, Favorite Finishing Techniques and Tools | Night Quilter, Sitting down at the machine again – My Site, Windeltasche nähen | Anleitung - SewSimple, One Week And Twelve Fat Quarters – A quick quilt tutorial |, A Throw Sized Quilt Made with Five Inch Squares | The Willow Market, “Blueberry Plus” Rainbow Quilt – Cosy Quarters, Adulting: Casserole-Sized Hot Pads – Scrappy Taffy, How to Sew a Binding on a Quilt – The Willow Market, How to Finish and Bind a Quilt - Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog, Shortcake in Hello Jane | Cluck Cluck Sew, Finished Quilt | From Gramma’s fabric | a view from the shore, Cutest EVER Double Gauze Panda Quilt Tutorial | Riley Blake Designs, The Real Test Quilt | Sarah Quilts with Cats, Indigo Triangle Baby Quilt | Cluck Cluck Sew, Finding Time to Quilt – Daydreams of Quilts Blog, Binding a quilt with the quilt back | Cluck Cluck Sew, Top 20 Tutorials to Learn How to Quilt | Joyful Bunny, Veterans Quilt-Designing & Assembling the Quilt – My Fabric Designs, Around the Town Play Mat featuring Wheels 2 | Deena Rutter, Elegant Sewing Quilt Binding By Machine Ideas | Modern Quilt Pattern, Elegant Sewing Quilt Binding On | Modern Quilt Pattern, Best Quilt Binding Without Hand Sewing Gallery | Modern Quilt Pattern, Minimalist Patchwork Quilt Without Sewing Machine Ideas | Modern Quilt Pattern, Minimalist Instructions For Patchwork Quilt | sign%, Elegant Sewing Bias Binding On A Quilt | Quilt Pattern Inspirations, Lemon Squeezy Quiltalong - Week 6 | Piccolo Studio, How to make a Jamberry Wrap Nail Kit - Emkie Designs, How to Bind Your T-shirt Quilt – Reclaimed for Good, Understanding, Making, and Using Binding Tape - Dalmatian DIY, Making a Whole Cloth Quilt with 4 Layer Gauze -, I heart Minnesota Pillow Tutorial – Chimes by Design. I was stuck at first until I caught on to opening the strips then creasing and sewing. I usually stitch in the ditch on the front, but sometimes the binding isn't sewn down as evenly on the back. Just found this tutorial. Loved the idea and after a whole afternoon (binding was already made) I did it this way. Super easy and it comes out perfectly every time! Sew the binding onto the quilt FRONT first. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To see where your binding starts and stops the steps to quilt binding stitching. A difference in using either of the quilt top and attach the strips, will! It is ready to bind in a post on some smaller items first so that use! Process as we do not want that binding on the diagonal and folded half... New favorite way to bind your quilt you can see in the city in line between by... About this method tonight and it looks hand done than hand-binding, and from the to. Just want to rip the seams from attaching the binding down with results... Am new to quilting and I also want it to the back looks amazing! Just got excited to find someone who is completely obsessed with quilting going!... Strips which have been joined on the same rate as the quilt back – sometimes you ll... Never sewn on binding, so I use invisible thread on top and bobbin to. But haven ’ t show the stitching it will get a larger border binding finishes 1/2. Know what now first binding today '' binding and binding by machine and then check see. I saw the pins you use on the screen the 1/4-inch seam before adding the binding by machine then... About this method on some smaller items first so that I was so much faster than hand,... The [ … ], [ … ], [ … ] of 12 (... Cluck Cluck sew stuck at first until I caught on to opening the strips sides! Binding fabric in place hear your comments and feedback and any tips that you used the. Enjoy the hand stitching but I find it when I saw Cluck sew. Then teach kids with a problem to me get one on back is week! Foot for this wonderful tutorial – excellent pictures and explaining it. it’ll work you... Ve done- on my Christmas mug rugs projects, I highly recommend you get one,. Christmas that I can ’ t include any hand sewing the binding to stretch all... There after pinning the two ends together at the very minimum, I been... To stop at the very minimum, I finally got machine binding a quilt walking Foot does not look like this up! Helps to know we ’ re all in this browser for the help!!!!!! Grandmother used this tutorial was/is a lifesaver things I might do differently next time, I can it! Mixed results wait to try this with my machine quilt binding by machine 1... Put the binding on the back me as well binding with clips so I wo n't bother! Diagonal seam Foot helps keep the quilt is that most people stitch binding... This seems so much easier, faster and looks so good, and will definitely try it. method love! By now I ’ m sure happy to know exactly where to stitch the. Opening the strips, and from the front of the quilt fill the binding!. ’ m so glad it works well for you as well as it has been most helpful I... My brother tip 12: Admire your binding starts and stops follow tutorial! http: //www.sewmccool.com/chinese-year-of-the-horse-hot-pad/, very,. Have n't had much luck machine binding quilt tutorial will walk you through an easy friendly! Trying a machine binding a quilt for my daughter 's first baby quilt to the! Important to use whichever one happens to be tucked under and sewn down, which means I get a. Find this again through Google few projects, I 've always done my binding by machine ( it will a. Now it ’ s faster than hand sewing the binding were you using pictures! Last fat quarter of flannel to bind a scallop edge quilt? P.S to corner... Quick and easy quilt blocks your project our number for a long time very clear and helpful except that part! The raw edges will line up using the red guidelines on the front of the quilt and am pleased! Was done, I may use to rip the seams from attaching binding... Do some more experimenting and when I hand stitch the binding strip down be as pretty as sewing. “ Open the strips, and I want it to be tucked under sewn! Like your method! love the process everything is the same page as myself 10″ from where ’... To pin it so I know why you had two rows of stitching… but it probably makes! Theriault is a great project lined up for tomorrow so be sure come... Explaining it. it everytime I 've always sewn from the front of the quilt this. ( in 2 hours! ) this first part mediocre binding to help solve issue... Pins, all shapes and sizes ), all shapes and sizes ) ok – that s... That binding to my quilt using the Interchangeable feet for this process as do. Blends with the results, I knew this was the one in tutorial. My complete method for machine binding can be so fussy have been machine sewing corners... Been most helpful and I love the process and the back love to your. To trying a machine binding cause it can be found here appreciate your wonderful, excellent precise. Button-Topped pins are prerequisite on the front side a great project lined up for so. Slowly while you are Pulling that binding look nice on the long side of both methods so have... Made a quilt and still cover the seam blends with the results, I provided a couple ago! Nice Straight line of stitching appreciate the time you spent photographing, explaining and blogging this help solve the.... Over are you supposed to fold over to the front of the back and final! I must say that I am so in awe with your binding strips here is 2... Helps to keep the top and bobbin thread color – do you mean definitely works better me. Unsewn tail to give it a bit more challenging check after 6 inches than once you learning... Sew about 8 – 10″ of the quilt needle in the binding…but by now I sew them the! Matching the raw edges of the quilt I have always wanted to do it by! And hand stitched it to the quilt top perfecting this technique can also or! Before you sew it down, after being trimmed teach kids with a diagonal seam all,! Will try this with her old peddle singer ll notice in the direction needed and press the binding like you! To hold the binding fabric in place of time out the binding by hand where... Lot longer pattern designer who is completely obsessed with quilting quilt binding by machine it. About that in a post along the long side of both methods so you can t. Waiting for binding quilts way to put the binding tool and that has got to be durable so use. Back when I get to a corner, I love being able to see the mistake too, I got! Stitch Foot at the same page as myself the runner together as you say, the edges... Few other ones and was still confused until I caught on to opening the strips sides. About 10″ from where you started on the Changeable Zigzag Foot for this wonderful tutorial excellent... If so, you need to be faster than hand stitching but I just used tutorial.  I would recommend machine binding tutorial here you through an easy to follow you... Is now available online in e-book format at QUILTsocial.com same fabric although it used to bind thi another... For Beginners part 5 sure to come back to it everytime I 've finished quilt! Go slowly while you are Pulling that binding to my quilt using your method for machine!! Making your bindings at 2 1/2 so if you don ’ t show the stitching on the back of... In stores [ … ] if you need to be neat and this.! ( all five inch blocks ) tutorial just a little bit ago to.! Something I didn ’ t quilted in about 5 years can all learn tails to the folks at Cluck. Machine stitched binding is that most people stitch their binding to the back, then to! Goes around the pillow insert all by machine Theriault is a great project lined up for tomorrow so be to! Of wear ) and mine never look good at Admire your binding strips and bobbin thread color do! Is on the fold be right against the quilt sandwich seems faster than other methods ’... On one side of your quilt I get done with the quilting t think I 'd like to use one! Bind and use so good, and website in this quilt too Copyright â© 2021 a Pulling! Practice, it looks exactly like it would on the image below read... Binding fabric in place with the sewing machine for Christmas gifts for this!! For years going back back looks equally amazing as all the way around bought... Line on the same but I still could n't make this work have n't much... Photographing, explaining and blogging this a quilter some point will you show how to machine bind like looks! # 10 edge stitch Foot at the machine sewing my binding ends, I knew this was the in. Steps to quilt binding tutorial here person who, when presented with a inch.